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Spy On Your Competitors

Spy on your competitors
Spy on your competitors

Why You Need to Spy on Your Competitors to Achieve Business goals!

Here’s the tea ☕️ on how to spy on your competitors’ ads and improve your content + results…

One of the *best* ways to optimize your own ads is to spy on competitors to help you understand what they’re doing with their ad creatives + copy.

Step 1: Find competitors

If you don’t already have a list handy – you can easily find competitor brands by going to the biggest brand in your space’s Instagram and click on the little person outline with the + sign that’s to the right of the “Follow” and “Message” buttons. (This may vary depending on if your app is updated or not.) Clicking on that little icon will bring up “Suggested for you” accounts.

Create a Google Sheet and just start listing all of these brands, their Instagram + TikTok handles, their website URL, and any other relevant information.

It’s extremely important to know exactly who your competitors are, big and small, and keep tabs on what they’re up to!

Step 2: Competitor spying 

It all goes down in the Facebook Ads Library AND the TikTok Creative Center! You’ll actually get to see every campaign your competitors are currently running!

For TikTok ads – you’ll want to add in parameters to look at US-based, eCom businesses to get inspired!

For Facebook Ads – you’ll want to search for a specific competitor.

We are looking a lot of times, at the biggest brands in your space – and we’re learning from them, because they most likely have spent thousands to millions of dollars testing and finding what is resonating with their audience and getting the most conversions. So we’re going to use what they’ve been testing and creating to get started on the right track quicker!

Take note of:

What types of creatives they’re running? (Are they mostly video or images, or what ration of each? Are they using UGC, testimonials, native looking ads, or are they highly designed?)

What kind of copy they’re using? (What pain points are they addressing and solving for? Are they offering any discounts, if so what is the %? Are they using long or short copy, etc.)

Where are they sending people? (Are they sending to their product collection page, or are they sending to a particular product? Or are they sending to a separate landing page?)

What are their longest-running ads? (Meaning they’re likely high converting!)

And that’s it! Keep on spying 👀 and get those ads optimized!

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