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September 2023 Social Trends

September 2023 Social Trends POSTS + tiktoks #TrendAlert – Use this sound to show the top FAQ your brand gets, then answer it! A few ideas include:  1.

August 2023 Social Trends

August 2023 Social Trends POSTS + tiktoks #TrendAlert – Creators are using this audio and this CapCut Template to showcase their recent camera roll. Use


July 2023 Social Trends

July 2023 Social Trends POSTS + tiktoks #TrendAlert – Many combine this audio with 2 TikTok Filters: Bold Glamour Effect + Striking Face Effect to show: “How

June 2023 Social Trends

June 2023 Social Trends POSTS + tiktoks #TrendAlert – This audio says “Monkey covering eyes emoji”. The actual emoji is sometimes used as a blushing, shy,

May 2023 Social Trends

May 2023 Social Trends POSTS + tiktoks #TrendAlert – Use the Photo option on Tiktok to upload 3 pictures of your product to this audio. Add overlay text

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