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Spy on your competitors

Spy On Your Competitors

Why You Need to Spy on Your Competitors to Achieve Business goals! Here’s the tea on how to spy on your competitors’ ads and improve

February 2023 Social Trends

February 2023 Social Trends POSTS + tiktoks The TikTok algorithm is pushing Carousel-like photo posts with Trending sounds to the #FYP. Content Idea: Create a

Email Automation

Four Essential Email Automations

four essential email automations to increase e-commerce sales Email automations (aka email automations, email flows, evergreen sequences) are emails that are automatically delivered to folks

January 2023 Social Trends

January 2023 Social Trends POSTS + tiktoks New year means… new graphic design trends! The team from 99designs have put together a listing of the

December Social Trends

December 2022 Social Trends POSTS + tiktoks The Holidays are here! Posting a gift guide is a great way to inspire your followers. Add your

November Social Trends

November 2022 Social Trends POSTS + tiktoks Have a funny tweet, meme or even a 5 -star review for your product? Try layering it over

October Social Trends

October 2022 Social Trends POSTS + tiktoks Memes are one of the best parts of social media, so why not add another one to your

September Social Trends

September 2022 Social Trends POSTS It’s no secret that the L.L. Bean Tote Bag has been in everyone’s wishlist. Style the Viral Tote Bag by

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