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Umai Social Circle Homepage

UMAI social circle cpg podcast
UMAI social circle cpg podcast

A Podcast for Food, Bev, and Wellness Biz Owners and Foodies Alike

UMAI Marketing Co-Founders Alison and Karin just launched a podcast!

Every other Thursday, they’ll share irresistibly inspiring food, bev, and wellness brands as well as interviews with CPG industry leaders.

You better believe these two are gonna peel back some layers to reveal the why behind work – what makes this modern world of social media marketing + advertising so special? Let’s find out together.

Pick an episode, any episode – 

#1: Our Founder Story, How Karin & Alison Met

#2: Creating a product that’s *actually* different with Natural Stacks

#3: Siete Foods Mukbang, How They Nurture a +300k Community of Engaged Followers

#4: Shaking up the Market with Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Eggs and Exo Cricket Protein

#5: Kettle & Fire Mukbang, Their Unique Approach to Increasing Average Order Value

#6: How the 1st Ever Coconut Milk Ice Cream, NadaMoo!, Earned Its Way Into the Freezer Aisle

#7: Pabst Brewing Brand Director on Climbing The CPG Ladder

#8: Culina Yogurt Mukbang, the Blueprint for Founder-Forward + Eco-Minded Content

#9: Behind an Accelerator Program, Mentorship, & 2020 Trends with Alyssa Padron of The Ronin Society

#10: Uplifting Female Founders, Pitch Deck Pitfalls, and Getting Funded With Springdale Ventures Principal Caroline Fabacher

#11: The Best Biz Owners Stay Humble & Scrappy, Words of Wisdom From SKU’s Chief Operating Officer

#12: Marc Nathan on Mindfully Scaling Your Biz & Building Community

#13: The 360° CPG Experience With Notley’s VP of Marketing, Emily Kealey

#14: Poppi Mukbang, This Insta-Worthy Rebrand & Influencer Network Is Poppin’ Off

#15: Should You Clap Back?? Responding to Negative Comments on Social

#16: Surviving to Thriving on Grocery Shelves with Alli Ball, Creator of Retail Ready®

#17: Amplify Snack Brands’ Sr. Supply Chain Planner Explains Big-Picture Inventory Strategy

#18: Food Styling and Product Photography Tips with Ashleigh Amoroso

#19: Andy Kurtts Unwraps the Mysteries of Branding and Packaging Design

#20: Financial Planning Success with the Good Food CFO

#21: Joi Chevalier on Thoughtful, Repeatable Management Systems

#22: Formulating Authentic Better-For-You Products With Marissa Epstein

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