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Celebrating Five Years of Growth and Success: Lessons from Building Our Consumer Goods Marketing Agency

Celebrating Five Years of Growth and Success: Lessons from Building Our Consumer Goods Marketing Agency 

We’re raising a toast to our five-year biz anniversary, y’all. Time flies when you’re making dreams come true! (That is, ours AND our clients of course!) 

And, man how it’s FLOWN by… During those early days you could find us coworking out of our favorite local coffee shop, Cosmic Coffee, cranking out work while sipping on lattes and riding on the buzz of the fellow work-from-homers, contractors, and creatives using the same space to help make their dreams come true (or less dramatically, simply just getting shi* done).

Now, we’re surrounded by a talented team of hardworking marketers, have helped dozens of brands generate millions in revenue, and work on the same amazing brands, albeit a few more on our roster.

What started as a theoretical question over a sushi lunch break from our previous day jobs has evolved into a thriving, growing agency, and we’re thankful for the journey.

As we reflect on the past five years, through all the failures, successes, and overall growth – we’re excited to share some insights that have shaped who we are and how we work today:

**1. Embrace Innovation and Adaptability

The only constant in digital marketing is change. Whether it’s adopting new strategies or marketing channels, keeping up with emerging trends, or exploring AI technologies, our ability to pivot and evolve has been vital in achieving results for our clients.

**2. Building a Strong Team is a Non-Negotiable

From just the two of us to a powerhouse team, our agency’s growth has been propelled by the incredible individuals who share our vision and live our mission to build better CPG brands. Investing in the right talent and nurturing a collaborative work environment can make all the difference.

**3. Relationships: Cultivate, Nurture, Thrive

At the heart of our success lies the relationships we’ve cultivated with not only our clients, but the strong network of CPG professionals we’re lucky enough to surround ourselves with in our hometown of Austin, TX. Taking the time to truly understand the journey, values, and goals of our clients and course members has helped us lay the foundation for impactful marketing strategies, and being a part of this tight knit consumer goods community has truly allowed us to grow year over year.

**4. Harnessing the Power of Systems and Training

One of the most significant lessons we can share is the importance of setting up systems and providing comprehensive training for our team. When we launched, we stressed the importance of standardized processes to streamline workflows and ensure consistency in our deliverables especially as our team grew. Developing a range of highly effective systems and standard operating procedures (SOPs) have become integral to our efficiency and training.

**5. Continuous Learning and Evolution

The past five years have been one long learning experience. Staying curious and committing ourselves to personal and professional growth is something we try to instill in all of our teammates. Whether it’s taking an occasional course (we provide a $1k yearly stipend to anyone who wants to take a course), seeking out mentorship, or devouring the latest marketing news like we haven’t eaten a good meal in days, our dedication to evolving alongside this fast paced industry has been instrumental in getting us to five years (and beyond)

And with all of that – we’re happy to offer you our meticulously crafted systems and SOPs to help train YOUR teams and elevate your marketing game so that you can celebrate your continued success.

Something that was lacking in some of the in-house positions we’ve had was proper training and (any) systems – so if you’re finding yourself in the same boat, check out our collection of training materials so that your marketing teams can feel set up for success.

The lessons we’ve shared here are a testament to the dedication, hard work, and passion of all the people we’re lucky enough to work with and alongside.

To our clients, team members, and partners, thank you for being a part of this journey. Here’s to five years of growth, and to the next five.

Alison + Karin

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