October 2023 Social Trends

POSTS + tiktoks

#TrendAlert – Use this (on TikTok) / this (on IG) sound to with the following text:

“I pay attention to things that most people ignore ([Inside the parenthesis, state something that your brand focuses and prides itself on]).”

Ex: “I pay attention to things that most people ignore (when a brand puts filler in their x because all they’re interested in is making money, not your health).”

#TrendAlert, CapCut Template – Use this audio and this CapCut Template with a picture of your product to hype it up! You can also include text on why your audience should purchase it!

Ex Text: Us because our product tastes too damn good!

  • October 1: National Pumpkin Spice Day
  • October 4: National Vodka Day / National Taco Day
  • October 16: World Food Day
  • October 22: National Nut Day
  • October 26: National Pumpkin Day
  • October 28: National Chocolate Day
  • October 29: National Cat Day
  • October 31: Halloween


  • This audio says “OMG I love this question, I think”, use it to answer one of your FAQs!

  • Use this audio to showcase how different your product is from the competition. Pair it with a video / photo of your product.

  • Use this audio to promote your product. Example here
    • First Slide Text: “I’m looking for a product that has [what your product offers”.
    • Second Slide Text: “It’s gonna be ME”.


  • Meta expands it’s paid verification feature to business accounts.
  • Meta announces a range of new AI and VR tools.
  • TikTok shares new insight on how businesses can maximize Ad effectiveness in App
  • TikTok introduces TikTok Shop

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