How to quickly and easily create social media content for your cpg brand

We know that building a community on social media is important to building a brand, and that creating content that builds know, like, trust (KLT) with your audience is the best way to do it. We also know that it can be a pain in the a** to create content on a consistent basis…

What’s not so widely known are the tactics that you can implement to more quickly and easily create social media content that’s going to help in building that community.

We know you’re busy – so let’s get started:

    1. Start with a strong brand and know exactly who you’re talking to with your content. 
      • What are your brand’s values? What do you want your brand to represent? What problems are your products trying to solve? What’s your unique value proposition? Who is your ideal customer? What are their needs/wants/desires? Once you have a clear understanding and answers to these questions, you can start to create content that reaches the right people AND performs!
    2. Keep it short and sweet whenever possible.
      • People are busy, and that includes you AND your customers. Don’t spend time planning out robust video production or crafting 400 word social copy. But of course, lean into your skillset. Do you have copywriting skills and can whip up keyword rich copy with a snap of a finger? Then go for it!!! Do you have a media background and you find joy in crafting attention grabbing videos? Then work your magic!! But if you don’t, stick to the basics whenever possible.
    3. Repurpose and refresh high performing content.
      • Creating ALL of your content from scratch is time-consuming. Instead, repurpose and refresh your existing high performing content, and often. Take a look at your analytics from the last 6-12 months and identify the posts that were highest performing (by engagement) and aren’t promo, giveaway, or holiday specific. Test reposting them as is (same video, copy, everything!), test reposting them with a few tweaks (updating copy or adding trending audio, etc.), or refreshing them completely by utilizing the theme and bones of the post but refilming it and updating the copy. Test ALL of these things and see what performs, and then keep doing it.
    4. Stay up to date with the latest industry trends and news by following resources that do all the hard work for you!
      • For example, make sure you’re following our FB Group for the latest industry news and content inspiration and bookmark resources like this and this which populate this week’s trends for you!
    5. Stay organized with a content calendar.
      • A content calendar helps keep you accountable, helps you plan, and helps you stay organized. Plan out those posts and let’s get it done!! Need a template? You can find one here.
    6. Use tools and software to work smarter, not harder.
      • Use our caption, video, and Canva templates to make crafting content a breeze and cut down on your creation time by at least 80%. Use CapCut to jump on trending video content, Splice for easy video editing, and a teleprompter app whenever you have a script written out and don’t want to do 20 takes to get it right. It will also be easier on you to use a content scheduling software to queue up your content.

Follow these tips and see how much faster you’re able to create content. Don’t overthink it! You don’t have time for that.

Here are some content examples that you can create for your CPG brand on a recurring basis:

1. Behind-the-scenes content.

    • Give your audience a glimpse into your company culture and how your products are made. This type of content is a great way to build that know, like, trust!

2. User-generated content (UGC).

    • Show off your products in “real-world” settings so that your customers can visualize how they would look while enjoying your products.

3. Product highlights and educational content.

    • Share tips and advice on how to use your products, as well as education on why your product is better than the rest. Think of all the ways you can add value to your customer’s life and position yourself as an expert in your niche.

4. Promo and/or retailer content.

    • Announce new products, sales, and promotions, as well as new retailers you just got into. This type of content is a great way to drive traffic both to your website and in-store.

5. FUN stuff.

    • Memes, trending content, relatable Tweets, the list goes on… And you can make all of these into Reels, too. Slap a relatable Tweet onto a 1920×1080 frame, add trending audio, and call it a day!!

BONUS SECTION! (Because we can’t help ourselves and want to give you ALL the tips to making content more successful…)

Here are some additional tips for creating content that reaches more people:

✅ Tell people what you want them to do in your captions and creative.

  • Strong hooks and calls to action are SUPER helpful in getting someone watching or reading your posts to do what you want them to do:
        • Example hook: “3 things you NEVER knew about x”
        • Example CTA: “Follow us for more tips!”
      • For a list of the best hooks and CTAs for your posts – check this resource out

✅ Use relevant keywords throughout your content. 

    • Think: “What would people need to Google/search for my brand to pop up?” and utilize those keywords all over the place – in your captions, in the copy overlay on your videos, and (don’t skip this part!!!!) in your Instagram “headline”. You see where it says, “CPG Marketing Agency & Course” instead of listing our agency name? Well that little edit to our bio landed us a discovery call with one of the biggest brands we’ve ever worked with because they went to Instagram’s search function and searched for “CPG Marketing Agency”… Don’t sleep on the keyword rich headline and copy, y’all!

✅ Collab with like-minded brands and/or influencers.

    • Make a list of brands and/or influencers that you LOVE and resonate with and that you believe must have an audience that closely resembles your customer avatar. Use the Instagram “collab” tool and reach new audiences with this mutually beneficial tactic.

✅ Run giveaways. 

  • Pro tips to make your giveaways better performing:
    • Boost them over the course of 3-5 days (can be as little as $20!)
    • Partner with like-minded brands (use same tips as previous bullet)
    • Do “internal giveaways” where you choose a high value prize that your audience would love (ex. You’re a chicken nugget brand and you choose an air fryer as a high value prize) and run a giveaway to encourage folks to follow you for a chance to win
    • Make a giveaway rule to “like 3 of our other posts” to increase engagement and encourage the algorithm serve your content more often (This tip is *mostly* speculation but we’ve personally seen great results with this with dozens of accounts).

Okay, y’all – you now have the tools to quickly and easily create social media content for your brand. Don’t forget: building a strong social media presence and community takes time. Don’t expect overnight results (regardless of what all those “social media gurus” say). There is NOT a one size fits all approach and every single brand and budget is different. 

Focus on staying consistent with content and building know, like, trust. YOU GOT THIS!

And if you want a toolkit that will guarantee easier content creation, you need:

The Consumer Goods Social Media Marketing Kit!                                    Done for you templates and tools to make content creation quicker and easier

It includes:

  • 50 Canva templates – Add your brand elements to our high performing Canva templates and start publishing content like the consistent, skilled marketer we know you are!
  • Reels + TikTok Video Recipes – We’ve done all the pre-production for you, simply use our step-by-step “recipes” to curate high performing video content!
  • 30 Reel hook ideas – Having trouble getting people to stick around on social? Try out these hooks to stop the scroll and increase watch time.
  • 20 social media CTAs – Tell your audience what you want them to do – and watch your analytics improve right before your eyes…
  • 30 social post captions – Ready to post but taking way too long drafting the copy? Use these caption templates to cruise through your copywriting.

If you’re a brand owner or social media marketer constantly asking yourself, “What the h*ck am I going to post today!?”, then the Social Media Marketing Kit was consciously created just for you.

We’ve analyzed the top-performing social posts and high-converting copy from hundreds of accounts, to create this comprehensive kit.

That way you can spend less time STUCK and more time delivering show stopping social content that builds community and increases engagement.

Let’s get social!!!!

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