February 2023 Social Trends

POSTS + tiktoks

february trend

The TikTok algorithm is pushing Carousel-like photo posts with Trending sounds to the #FYP.

Content Idea: Create a Carousel post featuring your brand’s different products, reasons why your audience should shop your products, or the benefits of using your products.

Pro Tip: End the carousel on a cliffhanger! That way someone will keep scrolling and land on your profile page.

#TrendAlert – Green Screen videos have been trending all over our TikTok Feed lately. TikTok has made it easy to join the trend by adding shortcuts for you to recreate videos with templates using CapCut. Save those extra minutes, create the content using the templates and hop on the trend! Here are one and two examples for you to try out!

february trend
  • February 1: Black History Month
  • February 9: Chocolate Day / National Pizza Day
  • February 12: Super Bowl Sunday
  • February 14: Valentine’s Day
  • February 17: Random Acts of Kindess Day
  • February 20: Mardi Gras


  • This audio has a great beat! It would be great to use for a transition video.
  • Use this audio to show something you did that you don’t regret. Caption the video “Reasons I regret _____: none”. Here’s an example.
  • This sound has a great beat and many variations have been trending across both TikTok + IG! You can use it as background music.


  • Instagram’s navigation bar is changing (again).
  • Tiktok’s got a secret “go viral” button.
  • Buzzfeed to use ChatGPT Creator OpenAI to help create content.
  • Instagram is testing lead forms as an action button on business/creator profiles.

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