What’s the Umai Growth Course…

Something *big* has been in the making for the last year. 🤫 And, boy – have we had a hard time keeping quiet about it.

FINALLY, we can shout it from the rooftops: WE’RE LAUNCHING THE UMAI GROWTH COURSE!!! 🥳

photo of cofounders alison and karin launching umai growth course

So, who are you?

Maybe, you’re an entrepreneur backing their very own homespun food, bev, or wellness brand – sliding into IG Stories whenever time allows? (AKA never… we c u)

Or, could you be a social media freelancer with a bushel of clients – tasked with new goals that you not only aim to meet, but far exceed?

So, what’s the best part about the Umai Growth Course?? Well, anyone in the greater social media realm will benefit from joining in!

After you join up, lessons will be LEARNED. Projects will be ACED. Lasting connections will be MADE.

Are you picking up what we’re laying down?

Okay, here’s a quick breakdown –

Week 1 

Not your average syllabus week!
Connect with the class (so glad you could make it – got any gum??)
Establish Biz Goals (you’ll knock ’em out by the end, we’re sure)

Week 2

Organic Social Part I, $147.50 value

Learn how to create a Content Calendar
with sustainable strategies + free/affordable tools

Week 3

Organic Social Part II, $147.50 value

Cement Content Creation best practices to
Collaborate with like-minded brands and
Cross Pollinate with fresh audiences

Wrap it all up with Social KPIs

Week 4

Paid Social Part II, $247.50 value

Demystify Facebook + Instagram Advertising

Break down E-Commerce versus Retail Advertising
to understand and implement what YOU need

Week 5

Paid Social Part II, $247.50 value

Dive into Creative Visuals and Copy and your plan
to work SMARTER instead of HARDER

Week 6

Email Marketing, $495 value

Organize Email One-Offs to nurture your list
and dodge common pitfalls

Solidify Email Essentials that can
BREAK 🙁 or MAKE $ 🙂 campaigns

Map out your Email Automations,
establishing a continual cash flow

Week 7

Transition to VIP Alumni Status
Review what you learned
Readjust biz trajectory
Celebrate biz wins!

Really, that’s a combined value of $1,285! And, with tons of extra goodies…

We love a good deal as is, so we’d normally price the Umai Growth Course at $997.

But, for a *very* limited time only, it’s 50% OFF!

That’s a $497 investment in YOU!


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