What’s the Umai Growth Course…

Something *big* has been in the making for the last year. 🤫 And, boy – have we had a hard time keeping quiet about it.

FINALLY, we can shout it from the rooftops: WE’RE LAUNCHING THE UMAI GROWTH COURSE!!! 🥳

photo of cofounders alison and karin launching umai growth course

So, who are you?

Maybe, you’re an entrepreneur backing their very own homespun food, bev, or wellness brand – sliding into IG Stories whenever time allows? (AKA never… we c u)

Or, could you be a social media freelancer with a bushel of clients – tasked with new goals that you not only aim to meet, but far exceed?

So, what’s the best part about the UMAI Growth Course?? Well, anyone in the greater social media realm will benefit from joining in!

After you join up, lessons will be LEARNED. Projects will be ACED. Lasting connections will be MADE.

Are you picking up what we’re laying down?

Okay, here’s a quick breakdown –


MODULE 1: Mindset

  • Create a sturdy foundation
  • Outline your “BIG 3” biz goals
  • Unlock the “why” behind why you’re not experiencing growth


MODULE 2: Organic social

  • Discover our turnkey strategy for an engaged social media presence
  • Create your core messaging buckets to speak to your audience
  • Build a rock solid content calendar
  • Discover what resonates best with your audience
  • We’ll share with you the templates and software you should be using to further educate and delight your audience (we’re making it easy for ya!)


MODULE 3: paid social

  • Deep dive into your ideal customer to better target and speak to them
  • Discover our simplified strategy for Facebook campaigns (yes, even you can do this!)
  • Why creatives are the magical component of your campaigns – and exactly which ads to create to convert your audience
  • How to run tests to continuously optimize and unlock a better bang for your buck


MODULE 4: Email marketing

  • The automations your business needs to succeed so you can set it and forget it
  • How to properly segment your list to get higher opens, click-through rates… and sales!
  • How to plan out your entire email marketing strategy for an entire year


MODULE 5: Closing

  • Review goals
  • Module recaps
  • Next steps for continued growth!

…plus get $11,000 in BONUSES!


BONUS 1: The Library

Lifetime access to our library of systems and procedures you can start applying now!



Lifetime access to our private Slack channel!



Access to our quarterly expert calls for you to grow other aspects of your business.


Really, that’s a combined value of $12,850! And, with tons of extra goodies…

We love a good deal as is, so we’d normally price the Umai Growth Course at $1297.

That’s a $1297 investment in YOU!


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