South Georgia Pecan Company is a Georgia-based, family-owned company that’s been in the pecan processing business for over a hundred years. Purely Pecans was born out of their desire to get closer to zero waste.

We were brought on to take over organic social, paid social, and email marketing to grow the brand online and across a number of U.S. retailers.


– Reached over 4,000,000 targeted customers, 10,000+ clicks to website, and an average 1.29 ROAS within one year, with a limited budget

– We created this user-generated style ad that we created in-house, and decided to use this ad as a “post ad” to help increase social proof. It garnered over 70 comments!

– Because of the mass amount of social proof, we were able to run this to a very broad, completely cold audience and still convert people at a 1.32 ROAS


– Secured a shout-out from a top influencer – Tabitha Brown, TWICE (for the price of free-product only), with video views surpassing 360,000 for both videos

– Tripled engagement rate on Instagram within a year by implementing an organic social strategy and featuring drool-worthy recipes that encouraged saves and shares

– Ran a giveaway to celebrate the milestone of hitting 10K followers on Instagram (a goal from the start of our contract) which generated over 2,000 engagements and 200 profile visits


– Applied thoughtful segmentation and list building to earn an average click-through rate of 6.30%

– Established evergreen automations, to indoctrinate leads and win back customers, that increased email sales 2x month to month

– Implemented proper audience segmentation to increase open and click through rates for all campaigns

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