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4 IG Takeovers Your Marketing Team Needs to See Now

All About Instagram Takeovers

One of our favorite ways to form consumer-brand connections as of late is with a well-planned Instagram Takeover. Inviting a guest to takeover a brand’s IG Stories helps viewers put a face to the brand. As a result, it expands their reach rapidly. 

It can happen between any two users. This can range from founders of a company sharing their daily routine to an influencer endorsing a brand. This may also include a customer sharing their product experience. 

Now, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite finds to share with you! Plus, we’ll explain how this marketing approach boosts each brand’s strategy.

Lead consumers to make website purchases.

Bustle’s Be My Guest takes “you inside cool homes so you can gather design and decor inspo for yourself.” Each Instagram Takeover is linked to an article that Bustle has published on their site. For instance, this article featured Summer Rayne Oakes’ luscious plant house.

Most importantly, we love this Instagram Takeover because it shows viewers a slice of a larger piece of content. This attracts users to move away from Instagram and onto Bustle’s site. Therefore, it moves users from the outpost to their home base, where content and ad distribution is fully theirs. 

Individualize offering. Nurture customer loyalty.

Belletrist is “an online platform that celebrates great books and the people who read them.” It is hosted by co-founders Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss.

They promote their newest book of the month by welcoming the author via an Instagram Takeover. Then, the author shares their book collection to the viewers. This puts a face to a name. In other words, it adds a human element back into this remote book club experience. It acts as a service that competing book clubs may not offer. 

In addition, users are encouraged to join the Belletrist email list. It features exclusive interviews and “promos and recommendations of things we think you will enjoy.”

Certainly, brand loyalty is obtained through free content. Users will more readily subscribe and participate in those promotional offers. That is to say, free author interviews equals soft leads. 

Boost credibility and retention.

Serenity Kids featured @mamaknows_nutrition. She is a toddler dietitian with a platform for educational infographics. After the takeover, results were twofold! 

Firstly, brand awareness increased. It led Kacie’s audience of 104K followers to Serenity Kids Baby Food.

Secondly, the takeover boosted credibility. With her reputation for thoughtful and educational content, Serenity Kids got a big stamp of approval. Most importantly, this will live on their IG Stories Highlights for any new consumers to view over time.

Educate audience. Promote unique product.

Birch Benders has quite the varied SKU of nutrition-packed pancake and waffle mixes. They appeal to diet-specific audiences in particular, like paleo, keto, and vegan consumers. 

Leanne of @leannevogel led a takeover focused on her positive experience with a ketogenic lifestyle. It spoke volumes to viewers searching for a healthy diet. For instance, it was helpful to those who have already tried vegan or paleo diets with mediocre results.

In this way, consumers are directed from one of Birch Benders products to another. Certainly, they covered all of their bases. As a result of leveraging Leanne’s experience, they could drive existing purchasers to their keto-specific mix.

To sum it up, an Instagram Takeover does everything from increasing a brand’s credibility to personalizing one’s services. Like the cherry on top of a sundae, it’s fine if you leave it aside. But, will you really have the best dessert without it?

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