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Create More Behind The Scenes Content


Benefits of behind the scenes content

Video is the elephant in the room for any founder who hasn’t jumped in front of the camera yet!

We have spoken with so many brand leaders who are not comfortable getting in front of the camera and we completely understand. It can feel awkward and foreign but we assure you – it doesn’t come off that way to the consumer! It comes off as connection, especially if you’re interacting in an engaging way.

Here are some ideas for you to show up this week:

▪️ What are your most FAQ? Shoot a Q+A OR Green Screen Reel/TikTok

▪️ Give a behind the scenes look into your day-to-day with Stories and Reels/TikToks (This could simply look like a sped up video of you packing orders with a block of text across it.)

▪️ Share a recent win in Stories

▪️ Take a look into your past content and zero in on the highest performing posts. How can you repurpose those topics into video content that will positively serve your followers and customers?

For those of you who are more timid to get in front of the camera, here are some tips:

1️⃣ DISCOVER accounts and founders who show up often and get inspired! (We love how the founder of Poppi always shows up to share their mission and brand wins.)

2️⃣ PREPARE your shot list and write down prompts to make it easier while filming

3️⃣ PRACTICE makes progress! (No one wants to see perfection…)

And once you’ve created some founder forward video content – tag us is in the comments so we can go hype you up!!

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